The Ukrainian Catholic University (Ukrainian: Український Католицький Університет, Ukrains’kyy Katolyts’kyy Universytet) is a Catholic university in Lviv, Ukraine, affiliated with the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

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I was the first graduate from their Master’s in Ecumenical Studies (MES) program (2010-2012) and ended up being asked to serve on the faculty for the course on ecumenical methods, which I have done ever since.

This is one more (unplanned) providential connection with Ukraine in my life! As I wrote elsewhere, it just so happens that my life has been strangely Ukrainian: I met my future wife in a Ukrainian monastery (in California, and we were engaged there), got married in the Ukrainian Church, and was even ordained in Chicago (St Volodimir Cathedral) in the Ukrainian language (mostly)… So I chose Kiev as my “spiritual center” although as of this writing (2019), I have yet to visit…

Last modified: November 25, 2019

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