I was dragged almost kicking and screaming in the world of global health when EUCLID decided to open a School of Global Health and Bioethics in 2014. In my capacity as International Faculty Coordinator and general methodology advisor for doctoral students, I was hoping that only minor “continuing professional education” courses would be sufficient to manage. I began with a number of Coursera courses (with fancy certificates from famous universities), ended up doing a full MPH on the EUCLID faculty track, and then continued with a Ph.D. in Public Health from UCN…

I will be done with that in 2021 and will probably write my dissertation on a vaccine-related topic such as comparative vaccine hesitancy. It is actually a fascinating discipline for which my background in mathematics was very helpful (biostatistics can be pretty tough) in my previous work in international bioethics (HBTO) a good match. I would like to write something on religion and bioethics in public health, but this might just be too controversial these days. Back in 2010-2011, I had also contributed to two articles dealing with ethical considerations associated with heart-transplants, as part of a Cedar Sinai cardiology group of researchers… Some of my related publications are listed and linked below.



Last modified: December 15, 2019